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Cards of the Day! 9 of Wands & Strength

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

My card pull of the day for whoever needs to hear this.

You may have been fighting a battle and struggling lately. Notice the woman on the IX of Wands. She is tired. She is injured, but her face tells us she is not ready to give up. She may have lost a few battles, but she knows if she fights on, she will win the war. The message behind this card is don’t give up, especially combined with Strength. Stay strong. Work on yourself, your self esteem, and self image. You have a lot to be proud of. The number 9 indicates the battle is almost over, so now is the time to channel that inner strength and push on. Don’t give up!


  • I am proud of my strengths.

  • I’ll quietly come back to me.

  • It’s ok to rest before the next step.

  • I am resilient. Being here now is proof.

  • I refuel myself for my own sake first, not for the sake of others.

  • Some new challenges are here to help me grow.

  • I deserve the good things that come to me—whether they come with great or little effort.

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