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Tonight's card often appears before us when we are in a period or situation where we find ourselves worrying about something, being kept up at night by thoughts circling around our minds and feelings of depression or anxiety.

But the biggest thing to take from this is a great opportunity to heal and find courage in the times of darkness you may find yourself in. These feelings are being brought to your attention for a reason and something may need to change, ask yourself what it is you are not happy with, what can you take action towards to bring yourself back into light and move forward and end this part of the journey.

Addressing these "upsets "and negative thought processes can change our outlook on the world around us, to a more positive way of life. Once we have control of our thought patterns and mastery of our mind, we can allow a more positive mindset to shine through without hesitation. To find your courage you need only look inside!

Affirmation: I face my deepest fears and heal them.

Journaling Prompt: What is your main source of worry? What do you lose sleep over? What keeps you up at night? Journal out that mental stress, Breathe In, breathe out, discard the paper. Wake up on December 1 and start your morning. Make sure tomorrow is better than today.


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