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  • Unlocking the Mysteries of the Tarot

    Materials: You will need zoom, a tarot deck (provided) and a journal for notes.
    Valid for one month
    • A comprehensive understanding of the tarot and its symbolism
    • The ability to interpret card combinations and use spreads t
    • Confidence in reading tarot cards for yourself and others
    • Advanced tarot techniques to take your readings to the next
  • "A Spiritual Journey"

    In these 2 a week (6-week virtual course) you'll learn how to create a deeper sense of stability and happiness in your life through the power of prayer, meditation, and spiritual practices.
    Valid for 42 days
    • Week 1: "Prayer and Meditation: Setting the Foundation"
    • Week 2: "Cleansing Your Energy and Space"
    • Week 3: "Spiritual Baths: Soaking Up the Good Stuff"
    • Week 4: "Cleansing Your Area of Negativity"
    • Week 5: "Working with the Chakras: Balancing Your Energy"
    • Week 6: "Integration and Next Steps"
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