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Unlock the mysteries of the tarot and tap into your inner wisdom with our 6-lesson virtual course. This comprehensive program is designed to guide you through the fundamentals of tarot reading, from understanding the symbolism and themes to developing your own intuitive reading style.

**Course Details:**

* 6 virtual lessons, held via Zoom, each lasting approximately 60 minutes
* Pre-course package: Beginner Tarot Reading Package, including:
    + Protection crystal to enhance your readings and personal space
    + Energy spray to calm and focus your mind
    + Tarot deck for hands-on practice
    + Pen and journal for note-taking
* Cheat sheets will be sent via email prior to each lesson to help you review and prepare
* Access to Zoom for all virtual lessons

**Course Outline:**

Lesson 1: Introduction to Tarot - Understanding the Basics

* Overview of the tarot deck, including the major arcana and minor arcana
* Introduction to symbolism and themes in tarot
* Setting up your personal space for tarot readings

Lesson 2: Tarot Spreads and Positioning

* Understanding the different types of tarot spreads
* How to position cards for different types of readings (e.g. past, present, future)
* Tips for interpreting card positions

Lesson 3: Understanding the Major Arcana

* In-depth exploration of the major arcana cards, including their symbolism and themes
* How to use the major arcana cards in readings

Lesson 4: Minor Arcana and Court Cards

* Understanding the minor arcana cards (wands, cups, swords, pentacles) and their symbolism
* How to use the minor arcana cards in readings
* Introduction to court cards (king, queen, knight, page) and their roles in readings

Lesson 5: Intuition and Connection in Tarot Readings

* Developing your intuition and connection to the tarot deck
* Tips for getting into a meditative state for readings
* Strategies for trust-building with your clients

Lesson 6: Advanced Techniques and Case Studies

* Advanced techniques for deepening your tarot readings (e.g. using astrology, numerology)
* Final Q&A session and wrap-up of course materials


**Cancellation Policy:** Full refund available up to 7 days prior to course start date. No refunds available after course start date.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your understanding of tarot and take your skills to the next level! Register now and get ready to unlock the mysteries of the tarot!

Tarot Mastery: A 6-Lesson Virtual Course

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