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Are you having trouble coping? Experiencing a breakup / divorce? Feeling hopeless, depressed? Lost a lover to another? Experiencing heartache and longing? Struggling with grief and loss? Having family problems? Career – financial issues? Are you ready to live a more inspired, happy, and fulfilled life? As a gifted Reader and Visionary Life Guide, I provide a high level of Spiritual healing to clients experiencing difficulties and negativity in their daily lives. I offer positive insight and new paths towards overcoming your most difficult problems. I offer guidance and solutions for all the uncertain areas of your life. Relationship problems, Love, Divorce, Separation, Family, Business. I work with you to help solve your most pressing problems and difficulties. Call me today. Start living in peace, love & harmony!

There is not always one answer to solve your problems. Sometimes there are many different things that need to be adjusted in order to obtain the results you desire. 
I can help find the source of your difficulties. Through the power of prayer and meditation I can help lift your heavy burdens. 
*There are many cleansings, readings, services I can offer all in a natural organic way. 
Tarot Card Readings
Love Reading
Twin Flame Reading
Soulmate Reading
Phone Readings
Online Readings
Zoom/Virtual Readings 
Cleansing & Strengthening Your Energy Field
Mind, Body, Spirit Cleansing
Crystal Cleansing
Aura Cleansing
Love Cleansing
Chakra Balancing
Energy Readings
Clears Negative Energy 
Help Remove Obstacles/Bad Luck

Contact via email or phone 779-456-5887.
If you are looking to have just a cleanse or removal, meditation reading is needed first in order to look into the areas that's needing cleansed. 
Please allow 48-72 hours, sometimes sooner for contact. 
Before all services are provided, phone contact is needed. 
This isn't for any services, this is only for the energy reading where I connect with spirit guides to look into trouble areas, and to receive solutions in order to fix the issues. 
Please include Name and Date of birth and number to contact. 

Energy Reading

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • No refunds are available for this service 

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