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Reflections and Progression

On Dec. 31st, the clock was ticking towards the new year. I woke up early that morning, with thoughts of everything I still had to do to ensure that my new year started the "right way", on my mind. The "right way" of coming into the new year for me meant having a clear mind, positive thoughts, clean clothes, mended relationships, planned goals, prayers prayed, and love all surrounding me.

With the new year on the horizon, the year being left behind was also heavy on my mind. Did I live up to my own expectations? Did I live in my truths? Was I true to myself? Did I finish the things I started? In reflection, I lived the life I allowed myself to live in 2021. If I started a project and didn't finish, if I failed at self-care or if I lived up to every expectation I had in my personal life was what I allowed.

New year, new me...but is that even necessary? In my opinion, absolutely NOT. I am who I want to be. I want to be a better version of me, but not a new me. I have goals that I will pursue, health ambitions that I will take on and business ventures that I'm going after. I plan to add on to the "now me". My coming into and my living through the new year looks the same. Ponder that. Then reflect back and plan ahead. In that planning, give me a try :) Let the cards tell your "now" story so that you can choose your ending!

Affirmations for the new year

  • Today I have 24 hours, and I will make the best of them.

  • Today I will not give up.

  • I'm allowed to make mistakes

  • I can change my mind.

  • I'm going to take care of myself, eat healthy, and work out.

  • I will not live in fear, but in common sense.

  • The prayers I prayed will be heard and answered.

  • I prepared today for a better tomorrow.

  • I love myself, and those around me.


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