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"The Altitude of Separation: When Elevating Others Isn't Meant to Go Hand-in-Hand"

As we ascend to new heights of spiritual awareness, it's natural to want to share our growth with others and help them join us on our journey. We may feel a strong desire to elevate those around us, whether it's through mentorship, guidance, or simply being a positive influence.

However, there may come a time when you realize that elevating certain individuals isn't meant to be a harmonious or mutual experience. In fact, it may become clear that some people are not ready or willing to join you on your higher path, and that's okay.

It's essential to understand that spiritual growth is a highly personal and individual process. What works for one person may not work for another, and what resonates with one individual may not resonate with another. It's important to respect this fundamental truth and recognize that everyone has their own unique journey to embark upon.

When you find yourself in a situation where you're trying to elevate someone who is not receptive to your efforts, it's crucial to take a step back and re-evaluate the dynamic. Ask yourself:

* Is this person truly open to learning and growing with me?

* Are they willing to put in the work required for spiritual evolution?

* Am I trying to elevate them out of a sense of obligation or duty, or is it truly for their benefit?

If the answer is no, it may be time to acknowledge that the relationship is no longer serving your highest good. This doesn't mean you need to cut ties or abandon the person entirely, but rather that you need to set healthy boundaries and prioritize your own spiritual growth.

Remember, elevating others is not a reflection of your worth or value as a spiritual being. It's not necessary to carry others on your back or sacrifice your own well-being for the sake of someone else's growth. In fact, doing so can lead to resentment, burnout, and stagnation in your own journey.

So, as you continue on your path of spiritual ascension, remember that it's okay to focus on yourself and your own growth. By doing so, you'll become a more powerful and radiant light in the world, and others will be drawn to your energy and example.

**Takeaway: ** Elevating others is not always a two-way street. Respect the boundaries and journeys of those around you and prioritize your own spiritual growth above all else.

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