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Manifestion Intention Candles

8 oz tin

Candles are made to order, please allow 10 days after purchase to have candle made and cured before shipping.

1 Intention request per candle. 

Example: The candles are made with a specific intention or goal in mind, such as attracting love, abundance, success, or healing.


Manifestation intention candles are candles specifically designed and created to help individuals manifest their desires and intentions. These candles are made with natural ingredients and infused with essential oils, herbs, crystals, or other elements that are believed to enhance the manifestation process.

The candles are made with a specific intention or goal in mind, such as attracting love, abundance, success, or healing. They are specifically crafted to create a positive, focused energy that aligns with the individual's desire. Lighting the candle during meditation or visualization practices, stating affirmations, setting intentions, or writing down goals is est practice while using your candle. 

The act of lighting the candle and focusing on the intention is believed to help clarify and amplify the desire. The energy released by the burning candle helps to attract and manifest the desired outcome.

Overall, manifestation intention candles are used as tools to enhance the manifestation process and create a positive energetic environment to support the individual's intentions and desires.



Personalized Intention Manifestion Candle 8 oz.

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  • We apologize for any inconvenience, but our policy states that we do not offer refunds for intention candles. Our intention candles are specifically created for entertainment purposes and are not guaranteed to manifest any specific outcomes. We encourage our customers to use these candles as a tool for setting intentions and focusing their energy, but ultimately the results may vary. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

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