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888: Angel Number meaning is success and financial good luck. If the universe is sending you 888, you're moving in the right direction! The 888 angel number meaning is a very good one!


Known as the stone of good luck, it the perfect gemstone to give to someone who is starting a new business or a new job. Jade helps with prosperity, well being and promotes gratitude and joy.

Jade is also believed to promote wisdom, balance, peace and harmony. It helps with dysfunctional relationships, self-loathing and improves self-confidence. 
A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. Jade attracts good luck and friendship. It stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. Jade soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts.

Jade strengthens one’s connection to Divine Love and was highly valued for its distinctive spiritual properties. It has powerful restorative properties helping with physical pain and it releases suppressed emotional pain via the dream state.

Jade supports one’s energy bringing clarity, grounding and unique insight.

Green Jade carries the energy of the Earth and nature, providing a wholesome, nurturing energy that uplifts and soothes the heart. Jade draws the abundance of nature into one’s life, helping to create prosperity and wellbeing.

Jade inspires wisdom in the ability to see past self-imposed limitations and encourages the release of outdated ways of thinking that prevent change. The healing vibrations of Jade instill courage to realize and face one’s divine inner truth while discarding negative patterns which prevent a person from reaching their full potential.

Rids negativity
Encourages tranquil wisdom
Allows one to open up to share true their self
Increases happiness and harmony in relationships
Encourages a more relaxed state of being
Protection from deceitfulness
Facilitates an abundance of energy flow
Helps promote mindfulness and gratitude
Supports health and nourishment
Encourages growth and new beginnings
Relieves irritability
Stabilizes mind and body
Improves dysfunctional relationships
Eliminates negative thoughts
Sheds limiting fears, beliefs and habits

8mm Green Jade Gemstone
8mm Brown Bead
Gold Plated Spacers
Knotted and secured with Stretchy Sting

**Each item is individually packaged with care. Each Item is Sage with Blue Sage.

Money Attraction - Jade Gemstone Beaded w/ Gold Spacers Luck Bracelet

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